About Connie Wright

Canadian designer Connie Wright’s inborn talent for creating wonderful things is evident in everything she tries. Surrounded and inspired by all the beautiful yarns in her mother’s wool store in Vancouver, B.C., she learned to knit at 14. “I just took to it right away,” she says. “I think by the third sweater I was already designing my own patterns.”

Since 1970, Connie has maintained self-supporting craft businesses starting with leather coats, bags, and belts. Her creative outlet shifted next to weaving 3-dimensional wall hangings. Not content to use ready-made yarns, she learned how to spin and dye her own silks and wools.

As the wall hangings were moving out of fashion, in 1983 she discovered a knitting machine that could accommodate her thicker, handspun wools. Connie’s passion for knitting luxurious sweaters then advanced to a professional level. Juried into the Circle Crafts store in Vancouver in 1985, she has been a member ever since.

“My fascination with beads started a little over 30 years ago when this fabulous bead store opened up in Vancouver. I just went completely nuts over the beads, making earrings and necklaces.”

This “bead madness” of Connie’s is fueled each year during her annual trip to Bali, Indonesia and other Asian countries. Using her instinctive flair for combining colours and textures, Connie creates one-of-a-kind pins and necklaces with silver beads and precious stones.

In 1989, Connie had no idea how much her first journey to Bali, Indonesia would change her life forever. Since then she’s made annual trips to Asia, exploring from 3 weeks to 3 months each winter. What began as a holiday has turned into a way of life. Her own passion for handcrafted, beautiful creations gives her a unique perspective in searching out new treasures for her Boutique.

“I feel so lucky all the time…lucky that I get to live the life I love. A life that is just so interesting…always a new adventure.”