Original Knits

Sweaters, vests, hats, scarves, shawls

For those who truly appreciate fine craftsmanship …

You’ll love receiving all the compliments every time you wear your Connie Wright Originals knit garment.

Go ahead…try on a sweater…
You’re surprised at how lightweight it is but don’t let that fool you. This fine, luxurious mohair will keep you warm and toasty without the bulk of heavier wool sweaters. See how nicely it drapes and fits.

The hand finishing details from the flat seams and buttonholes to the final hand blocking for a long lasting shape reveal Connie’s expert knitting and sewing skills. Now button it up…unique handmade shell-inlay Bali buttons give a beautiful finishing touch.

“I dye all my own silks and some of the wools.” Connie says. “You can’t really duplicate them. Every dyebath makes each batch of yarn – and so each garment – one of a kind. That’s a big part of the creative process for me … working with all the different colours…combining and blending them together to produce yet more colours and of course always coming up with new designs.”