Travels & Inspiration

“Traveling to Asia has changed my life in every way…it’s just opened up a whole new world to me…”

Always drawn to Asian cultures and daring to venture forth on her own to Bali, Indonesia in 1989, Connie found herself “captivated by everything about it… the culture and geography… the people, their spirituality and their incredible creativity in ALL areas of their lives.” That first experience led her to explore further islands of Indonesia… Java, Sumatra and Lombok and then Vietnam… Nepal…Thailand… Malaysia… Hong Kong… India and China. For 25 years Connie has made annual trips to Asia spending three weeks to three months each winter. Traveling ties all the other parts of her life together. Her search for new crafts and clothing to bring home is an obvious reason she returns each year.

Her home base on the deep green gem of Bowen Island near Vancouver, B.C., surrounded by towering fir trees, deer and songbirds, grounds and awakens her spirit in nature. This profound green stillness contrasts with her Asian adventures.

But what began as a way to spend the winter months in the sun, developed into a journey of the heart.

“I just feel so honored and privileged to have met all these great people … to have made dear friends living all over the world who I see on a continuing basis. If you travel with an open heart and realize that people throughout the world are all the same … that there are just so many good, wonderful people out there … that if you’re kind to them, then that’s just what you get back. It’s a wonderful thing to travel with that type of heart. I think if you believe in what you’re doing and your heart and soul are in it, it works.”

Connie Wright’s heart and soul are felt in everything she creates … from her own crafts to all the special handcrafted treasures she shares with you.